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Banners for linking to the community [07 Jul 2004|03:03pm]

Within a week of being accepted, you need to put a link to this community in your userinfo, either text or a banner. If you don't know the HTML:
TEXT LINK: <*lj user="_themeangirls">
BANNER LINK: <*a href=http://www.livejournal.com/community/_themeangirls><*img src=http://www.banneraddress.jpg border=0><*/a>
(Remove the stars when you put the links in your userinfo!)

Here are the banners you can use:Collapse )
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Promotions [06 Jul 2004|09:24pm]

Comment with promotions for other communities here. Only one post per community, and one promotion per member each week. Do NOT post promotions in _themeangirls community... doing so will get you warned and possibly banned.
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Newly stamped members [06 Jul 2004|08:34pm]

Newly stamped members comment with a 100x100 pic here. Include the date you were stamped.
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